Business Reports & Presentation Chapter III

1.1 fiend word or phrases in the article which mean the following ;

1. Recruitment of an experience person

2. additional  paymens for innovation

3. customer habits

4. the companys internet

5. labolatories

6. shorter time for introducing product

1. 2 what are the most important innovations for you in your daily life? Think about the following areas :

  • Communication
  • Transport
  • Home entertainmeny
  • Food
  • Other

1. 3 what innovations would you most like to see in the areas above? Look at also the following list of twentieth-century innovations. In your opinion, which is :

  • The most important?
  • The most useful?
  • The most controversial?
  • The most unpopular?

1. 4 Assignment : you are being asked to look for a company profile and its innovations as your business report to the class

1. 5 Writing

Write a short report for CRM ( Customer Relation Manager ) from the financial Director of giving an action plan for the coming year to improve the service at your campus facilities.

Business Report & Presentation Chapter IV

Effective Presentation

1)   Menentukan tujuan yang tepat

Untuk apa anda menyampaikan persentasi. Susunlah tujuan anda dengan tepat dalam suatu kalimat.

2)   Kenali audiens anda

3)   Bahan presentasi

4)   Pengantar

5)   Durasi

6)   Upayakan agar secara psikologis, tetap terhubung dengan audiens

7)   Teknik dalam sikap yang tidak disadari

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