Business Reports & Presentation Chapter 1 (Useful Phrases)

This part will help you with the phrases that you might need in your presentation report. Try to practice using the words in your own sentence.


Hello ……nice to see you again

Hi …… are you?

Talking about your company

The company was founded in…..

We make / manufacture / factories / branches in…….

We have subsidiaries / factories / branches in…..

We have a workforce of 2,000 people…..

Talking about common interests

How’s everything going?

You ang Harry have something in common

You both like / enjoy / are interested in……

Introducing yourself

I’m from…/ i’m with…/ i work for….

Introducing someone else

I’d like you to meet Miriam.

Could i call him and mention your name?

Can introduce you to Miriam?


Nice / pleased to meet you.

Fine, thanks.

Not too bad, thanks.

Could you let me know….

Asking general questions

Would you mind…?

I was wondering if you…?

I wonder if you could…?

May I ask you…?

Would you mind if I asked….?

Asking for further Information

Could you be a little more detail please?

Or I’m sorry, but could you explain in a’ little more detail?

Could you give us some detail about..?

Would you care to elaborate on that?

Could you be more expand on that part, please.

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